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In a sentence, Archmage Rises is a D&D style open world mage simulator.

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What does Mage Simulator mean?!?

The term Role Playing Game (RPG) has been applied to Final Fantasy 13, Diablo 3, World of Warcraft, and Maple Story.  Those games vary widely in their audience and mechanics.  Table top role playing varies widely from Advanced D&D 2nd Edition, to 4th Edition, to Pathfinder.

We are creating a game that answers the question: What if you were born into a fantasy world setting, had some aptitude for magic, and after training as an apprentice until 16 years old, were set loose to live in the world?  What would you do to survive?  Who would you partner with, who would you kill?  It’s all up to you.

By emphasizing the choices involved with what it would actually be like to live there we think the term Simulator explains it best.

Where did this idea come from?

LordYabo was reading the Dragonlance Chronicles and Legends trilogies (again).  The Legends trilogy revolves around the mage Raistlin and his pursuit of power.  Perhaps it is because it was LordYabo’s fourth time reading it, a lot of the subtler details of the life of a mage came to life.  And he started wondering what would it be like to:

  • Quest across the realm searching for spell books and artifacts of ancient powerful mages?
  • Learn powerful new spells that perhaps no one else knows?  Maybe even create spells no one else could cast?
  • Battle other mages who don’t trust or like you, who want your powerful artifacts for themselves?
  • Use your spells to manipulate the political agendas of the world you live in?
  • Take on and oversee apprentices?
  • Build and direct a Mage Tower with powerful and secretive rooms?
  • Have strategic (not twitch) magic battles of epic proportions?
  • Make difficult moral choices with meaningful outcomes?

That sounded pretty good to us, so the project was started.

What does it play like?

If you have played Sid Meir’s Pirates! that is the best example of the gameplay we are going for.  It’s Sid Meir’s Pirates, with mages, spellbooks, and elves.  Oh, and a flying citadel.  And maybe a Death Knight.

The early 1990′s were the heyday of CRPG’s.  SSI made numerous “gold box” versions of TSR’s Dungeons & Dragons.  Most of those were based on the AD&D 2nd edition rules.  Eye of the Beholder, Champions of Krynn, Pools of Radiance, these were all favorites from my childhood.  There was a simplicity yet depth to playing those games.  Since not every item had to be modeled in 3d, the designers and the player’s imaginations could run more free.  We want to capture that essence and bring it to a modern game.

Games that Inspire Archmage

To give you a feel for the game, here is a list of games that inspire us in making this game and why.  If you like these games, maybe you will like Archmage:

  1. Dwarf Fortress – We love the idea of starting with a pregenerated open world.  The freedom and possibilities in the game is very inspiring.
  2. X-Com  — the base building mechanics of X-Com is what we are studying for our Mage Tower base building.
  3. Dungeons & Dragons (d20)– the theme of the game, and the sense of what a wizard or mage is and isn’t
  4. The Sims – skill training system
  5. Sid Meir’s Pirates – An open world you influence through playing

When will it be available?

When it is done.  Sign up to our email newsletter to be in the know on the latest developments as they happen.

What platforms will it be on?

We are targeting PC Steam.  We are using Unity so we could also target iPad/Android tablets and Mac if we choose too.  Right now we are working on the best PC experience.



  1. ZhaoG January 6, 2015 5:25 am  Reply

    i really like your idea and this kind of open world game is my favorite too.
    After reading this introduction, i just a have a suggestion that be careful on using the term like “Eye of the Beholder”. The D&D rule is completely opened, however some terms they make are not. I cannot remenber where i read this, but i think your find more information from the Internet.

    • LordYabo March 13, 2015 10:50 am  Reply

      Yes, Beholder’s are trademarked by D&D. But I was referring to the game Eye of the Beholder.

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