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  1. Bob August 8, 2014 9:33 am  Reply

    1) the game looks awesome, and I’m excited to play it whenever it comes out.

    2) I know it’s a total nitpick, but I know if somebody saw a typo on my site, I’d rather know than not, so: on your main site (http://www.archmagerises.com/archmagerises/default.aspx) the section about the independent world says: “Nobles are a special kind of NPC who role an area of the land.” I think you might have meant “who rule the land”? Or maybe I’m reading it wrong. But anyway, that’s just something I noticed as I was reading the site. Best of luck!

  2. Pedro November 12, 2014 5:37 pm  Reply

    Hi Thomas, first of all best of luck with your game. It has everything to be a winner.

    I was wondering, being an indie developer and all, where do you get your inspiration for game ideas. I, for one, have a bit of trouble thinking outside the box in that regard, always orbiting towards themes that have been visited over and over to exhaustion.


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